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Learn here how to use the Partnering system step by step:

EBD’s video tutorials are a great way to get started with partneringONE. They cover the complete life cycle from entering your profile all the way to your finalized meeting schedule. Partnering is a process that begins well in advance of the event. With the support of EBD Group’s partneringONE® service, finding and agreeing to hold one-to-one meetings with your target companies is easy. The following steps outline the process:

Seven steps to optimize your partnering:

1. Login to the partnering platform here: coming soon!

2. Profile- ​Complete profiles for yourself, your organization and your projects. The more you include in your profiles and the better you present yourself, the easier it is for others to find you and get them interested in meeting with you. Make sure to make your profile visible.

3. Availability​- Set your availability in your online agenda to indicate when you are available to attend one-to-one meetings.

4. Search and request meetings​- Four to six weeks out, full partnering services will be launched. Log in to browse the profiles of participating companies and send messages to request meetings.

5. Respond​- Log in regularly to respond to incoming meeting requests, monitor responses to your requests, or to submit more requests of your own. New registrations are always arriving, so check back regularly.

6. Sit back and relax, your meetings will be scheduled for you​- One week prior to Rare Partnering, partneringONE will start to schedule your agreed meetings based on the availability of the participants. Consult your meeting agenda online and arrive knowing who you are meeting with, in order to plan your resources accordingly.

7. Personal Schedule-​ Your schedule will then be updated daily, including updates during the event. You can check your schedule for updates and locations, at the partnering terminals or the Partnering Desk on site, once you arrive on site. Alternatively, sign up to browse the key pages of your partneringONE account on your mobile device.

 EBD Group will guide you through the partnering process with a series of email updates and reminders. Full partnering, including requesting meetings and setting your availability, will become available approximately four to six weeks before the event. Meeting locations will only be made visible the evening before the event.

 Any questions about partneringONE? Please feel free to contact Jancee Clark
 at Find out more about partnering: click here

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