Conference Components

  • 1:1 Partnering Meetings: Partner identification, meeting invitations and scheduling can be managed via partnering platform technology provided by EBD Group
  • Expert Panels and Presentations 
  • Company (Pitch) Presentations: Limited available spots with promotion of all submissions
  • Shark Tank Style Company Pitch Competition    

Questions to be Addressed during sessions

  • When is the right time to move a promising scientific discovery about a rare disease out of academia and into industry?  And when you’re ready, whom should you call first?
  • When should you start a new company around a discovery and when should you instead license it to an existing company to take forward?
  • Are friends, families and angels good to have as investors?
  • Should venture capitalists incubate their own rare disease companies rather than waiting for entrepreneurs to assemble and pitch their startups?
  • When should a rare disease company engage patient advocacy organizations?
  • Are “build-to-buy” models an attractive option for advancing rare disease therapies?
  • What are the best tactics for closing a deal with a global pharmaceutical company?
  • What really makes a pharmaceutical company the right partner for advancing rare disease programs?
  • What is the formula for a successful rare disease spin-off from a pharmaceutical company?
  • Are there any real differences between venture capital firms that rare disease entrepreneurs need to know?
  • Where are the best places for venture investors to source fertile rare disease opportunities?
  • Which unique, non-dilutive funding sources are there for startups focused on rare diseases?
  • How can patient advocates make their rare disease more attractive to entrepreneurs, investors and large pharmaceutical companies?
  • Which kinds of deals should non-profit advocacy organizations do (or avoid!) with industry?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities unique to rare disease therapeutic development and commercialization?
  • How does the future of the regulatory path for rare disease treatments look with the new administration?

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